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Ernest Emerson Podcast

Aug 20, 2018

Bryan founded ITS in 2009 with the help of brothers in the Naval Special Warfare Community. While never completing BUD/s and becoming a SEAL, he made it through the large hurdles of Hell Week and Pool Comp with Class 251. After being rolled post Pool Comp in 251, he sustained a service ending Draeger Dive Injury in 2nd Phase with Class 254. Throughout his time in the Navy and his love of gear and the outdoors, the idea for ITS was born.

After leaving the service in ’05 and with the help of the GI Bill, Bryan picked up where he left off with his Associates degree in Computer Science and finished his Bachelor’s at the University of Texas in Communication Technology with a Journalism minor. Using these skills coupled with his Military Service, a Web design background and past work at a commercial photography studio; he pooled his resources and started ITS.

Ernest and Bryan Discuss:

Man Skills
Primal Switches
Home Security
Pain/Pressure Points

You can see more of Bryan Black and ITS Tactical at: