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Ernest Emerson Podcast

Sep 4, 2018

Randy Meistrell is an interesting guest and has been a friend of mine for many years. As a waterman, he has played an important role in one of those major industries that I'm interested in as a hobby. Randy's father and uncle, Bob and Bill Meistrell founded the company Body Glove after WW2. Starting as a family business, you get the direction and values, the "founders influence" that instills the legacy of that company today. It's my pleasure to bring him on to today's podcast and I hope you enjoy it.

Randy and Ernest discuss:

Founder's Influence

Chivalric Ideals



The Bodyglove Story


Dive N Surf


The "Stoke"

The Endless Summer

Orthopedic Equipment

Great Lakes Surfing

Wave Pools

Wakeboard Surfing


You can find more about Bodyglove at:

The book "FITS LIKE A GLOVE" can be found here: