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Ernest Emerson Podcast

Sep 26, 2018

Born on the island of Newfoundland in 1965, Glen Doyle started training in the art of boxing in 1969 under the tutelage of his father, Greg Doyle. In 1972, Greg introduced Glen to a family legacy, an old and almost forgotten tradition; the art of Irish Stick Fighting. Keeping in line with the authenticity, the style was...

Sep 18, 2018

Join us for a conversation with Dr. Patrick Fowler-Reida. Chiropractic Sports Medicine Doctor to Elite Athletes, Celebrities and a Professor Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt.


Sep 12, 2018

Thomas McCreery is the President of the DARPA Alumni Association as well as the Vice President of Innovation for Zeteo Tech, Inc.. Prior to joining Zeteo Tech Mr. McCreery was the innovation technology lead for the Advanced Missile Systems product line of Raytheon Missile Systems. Mr. McCreery was responsible for...

Sep 4, 2018

Randy Meistrell is an interesting guest and has been a friend of mine for many years. As a waterman, he has played an important role in one of those major industries that I'm interested in as a hobby. Randy's father and uncle, Bob and Bill Meistrell founded the company Body Glove after WW2. Starting as a family...