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Ernest Emerson Podcast

Jul 13, 2018

Sal Di Stefano is from the well known fitness podcast MINDPUMP. Sal started out on a journey at the age of 14 of self improvement using weights as the vehicle. By 22 he was a gym owner. Now he's a 17 year personal fitness trainer and has dedicated himself to bring science and TRUTH to the fitness industry.

Ernest and Sal's fascinating conversation talk about:

Human Optimization
Optimal Training
Being the Ultimate Human Being
History of Gyms
Modern Health Woes
Weight Training and Sports - past and present
Psychological walls and Accidental World Records
Body Dysmorphia
The Fitness Industry, Marketing, and Lies
Ritualized Marketing
Sal's Recommended Workout

You can find everything Mindpump and Sal at:

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Sal can be found at Instagram @mindpumpsal

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